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            Lightweight, powerhouse performance and Dialight’s industry leading 10 year warranty. The modular, light industrial Reliant LED High Bay has launched in the Americas.

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            Diamond Vogel makes the switch to Dialight for their Class I Div 2 hazardous paint mixing facility

            Learn about how Dialight fixtures dramatically improved safety, color clarity, brightness, and workers’ mood inside the Class I Div 2 hazardous Diamond Vogel paint mixing facility.



            Learn about our history, products, people, and application sites and how we continue to lead in LED lighting technology across the globe!

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            SafeSite LED High Bay 480V Passive Power Now Offers CID1 Certification

            Dialight adds CID1 Certification for SafeSite 347V and 480V Passive Power Supply with a lumen range up to 27,000. This passive power supply system is custom-built to provide superior surge immunity, ensure safety, and maximize ROI, even in the harshest conditions.


            At Dialight, we specialize in rugged, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of industry applications.

            Energy, Utilities & Mining

            Industrial Processing & Manufacturing


            Public & Infrastructure


            Learn why more companies install Dialight than any other industrial LED fixtures in the world.

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